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Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
. we move up to will tran and india's just below where the water main tank is and he is-just below the source. the path of the water it is pretty amazing to see that it did not create a landslide. and it created a path around the eartpattern of homes. >> we are going to coordinate the live shot and we will check in with will tran. >> george? >> yes are run the east bay we have been tracking a number of hot spots. are from the east bay highway no. 4. it was backed up, early because of problems in antioch. and at port chicago. there are continuing problems at 680 southbound. a new accident at to believe. this is basically complete jacked up. pat baile that bay leaf. the is an accident at bailey and stone valley road. and we have continuing problems on interstate 80 in the westbound direction. drive times are nearly one hour to get to from other allele all the way down to berkeley. there was an accident. at buchanan. it is even heavy coming off of 580 westbound and the marin county is also heavy still recovering from problems of the golden gate bridge. the emergency repair meant that
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
made the most demands that from january to june. india and brazil rounded out the top three countries requesting the most from google. google said the top three reasons given by governments for access to content for defamation privacy and security. we called of to the video- game game stops us call of duty blackouts to is shaping up to break all sales records. the game shattered pre order record set last year by call of duty modern war for a fair three. the game retails for about $60. i say legates of fortune. games out shares are up $23.26 yesterday in new york. >> i will wait six months in by it used. the dow in just terrestrial sliding and is now standing at 12,693. the big surprise was facebook shares soaring. seven to 800 million more shares hitting the market today as the lockup has ended from early investors. coming up we are talking politics with michael e. hockey. a live look outside on this nice looking wednesday with temperatures warming up around the bay and traffic moving slow smoothly on the golden gate bridge. now we have fallout from the david patras' a fair and nancy
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am PST
these little candies from india so will put them in our stores. wal-mart is a genius company and they are wildly probable. >> warm buffett was by and selling and this may be something for us to watch. he bought more deer and-- viacom and nickelodeon, mtv- as if i was the go back i would probably be a stock got. i would copy warren buffett. he is the best investment person of all time. you want to be like worn and investing. his cash flow is good. he is doing very well. >> yesterit is 9:19 a.m.. >> will will start of by looking at the ride outside. we're waking up to a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover. we're expecting some cooler air to be ushered in. as for tomorrow there will be on and off showers. there will be moderate downpours. we will continue to see the showers in to the weekend. if you are heading out the door right now the temperatures are warming up a bit. it is still clinging to the '40's and places like concord and livermore. it looks like that afternoon high will transition to the upper 60s today about 67 for loss gatos. 66 degrees for campbell and we can see
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3